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My Favorite Valentine Projects!

Valentine's day is 1 week away ...and love for projects is in the air! Here are my top 3 projects I want to tackle this Valentine's Day:

1. Valentines to Give

I'm all about home-made valentines and these adorable mazes are the perfect way for my maze-fan child to send his greetings to friends...and of course his grandparents too! ♡

...and if you don't have a Cricut (like me) here's an easy printable PDF

2. Something to Eat

Last year I bought a heart-shaped mould on clearance after Feb 14th, so we're making CUPCAKES!

No mould? No problem! See what Lauren did from Tastes Better From Scratch!

3. Something to Learn/Remember

I am not catholic, grown up on celebrating all of the saints, but I did grow up with a great admiration for people who love Jesus. We'll be learning a bit about St Valentine next week!

I have ordered several books from our library to come in so that we can explore them during morning basket time! Maybe we'll even try our hand at a bit of painting!

So there you have it.

What is your house doing on February 14th?

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