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1.2 Supplies

1.2 Supplies

This week's Homework button will take you to a list of supplies!

You don't need fancy or expensive supplies. You probably have most of these at home already! Whether you're off to the dollar store or to your local art shop, we'll be working with basic items so gather what works for your budget.

Art Supplies:

*Note: I've included Amazon links that are affiliate links. Purchases from these links support me.

  • Any Pencil

  • Many sketchers prefer a retractable pencil. I use regular school pencils or a retractable size 5 or 7 pencil.

  • Eraser

  • I recommend a  kneaded eraser (a kneaded eraser will not damage your watercolour paper like a traditional one does), but a white school eraser is fine too.

  • Sharpie Pen (or other black ink tool for journal writing)

  • Various Paper

  • Sketching paper (or even computer paper you don't waste watercolour paper for sketch practice) *sketching paper tends to have more "tooth" to grab lead than shiny printer paper, but either will be okay.

  • Watercolour Paper (I use 140lb/300gsm or higher)

  • For your journal (like in a bound book) The one I use looks like this

  • & Loose sheets for learning and practice

  • Watercolour Paint (I look for sets of 16-24 colours in more natural tones for nature journaling. A travel set is handy too if you're going to paint outdoors & on the go!) A set similar to this is fine

  • (This is the container I shared in the video for tube paint: )

  • White gouache (this is optional, but very helpful to have for light spots. Gouache is not the same as the "chinese white" that often comes in paint sets)

  • Paint brushes

  • Round brushes are the most versatile. A few different sizes will be handy for different steps like bigger washes, blocking colour in your objects & painting small details after. *There are a huge variety of sizes and qualities. I just recommend staying away from the plastic kids brushes you find in most craft kits etc. Look for brushes that are for watercolour paint.

Other painting supplies you'll want out:

  • White porcelain plate or paint tray for mixing

  • 2 cups or jars of clean water

  • Paper towel or kleenex for blotting

  • Absorbent rag or paper towel for wiping brushes

Observation Equipment

*See what you have around your home that might help you record the environment and objects you'll find outdoors. There's no need to collect all of these all at once, but you may invest in certain tools over time depending on what kind of observations most interest you.

  • Thermometer or app with local weather stats to record in your Journaling pages

  • Tape measure or something to note units of measurement

  • Phone or device with a camera (optional)

  • Magnification equipment (optional - like magnifying glass, binoculars or close up binoculars)

Backpack or cross body bag for toting supplies outdoors (optional) *We will mostly be doing studio painting, so just something to carry your camera device and observation tools you want to take with you outdoors when it's journaling time.

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