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April news, freebies & last chance deals!

Did I mention chickens?

Lots to chat about! This is like 4 announcements in one so make sure to scroll through! :)

Yup, we're becoming one of those families...the ones with feathered friends in their backyard! AND we're doing some intentional things for our kids to get the most out of it!

see what we're doing

I have a free PDF for you if you're in the same coop!...I mean boat. ;) (See more at the bottom)


& last chance for the $25 Nature Mega Bundle!

The Spring Nature Schooling Mega Bundle includes $980 of learning resources from 60+ talented creators and covers everything from spring unit studies on butterflies, wildflowers, ladybugs, rabbits, chickens, weather (and more) to games, handicrafts, recipes, math and literacy lessons, and more! $980 $25 ONLY for sale until Thursday, April 14th! ...and then it's gone for good!


Also! The 110th anniversary of the Titanic sinking is April 14/15

The coupon for our PDF Family Lesson is still valid! Use Code: APRIL2 at checkout to download it for only $2!

Read the story of the epic creation & sinking of the Titanic! Talk about its heroes & about media ethics. Solidify facts with a fun crossword activity & get out your art supplies to paint this ship with me!


Don't forget, it's Earth Day this month! April 22nd is Earth Day!

Last year, to get us proactive, I created a quick and fun BINGO sheet!

It's not on my site anymore, but here is the download link if your family wants to play! 


So more on chickens...Hubby and I wanted to take this opportunity to teach our kids about business & accounting as well as instill responsibility...and make the whole project super fun! Shhh! They don't know it, but they're getting a business in their baskets on Sunday! I've got a certificate of entrepreneurship & coupons to get them started with a helping hand from mom & dad PLUS some cute pages for planning, accounting & chores!

check it out


Whew! I know that was a lot - thanks for sticking with me! I hope you have a blessed weekend. HE IS RISEN! Indeed. <3 -Bonnie PS: Almost forgot! I made a little colouring page for this weekend:

It has a tracible copywork-style version in manuscript & cursive as well!

Free Download

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