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Enhance your Robin Hood read aloud with the Novel Reflection designed to engage in as-you-read fashion!

Chapter sections have reflection questions, as you read vocabulary and interesting facts and learning about related topics like the story’s geography, kingship, archery, Middle Ages and more!


Designed for family-style learning for Howard Pyle’s “Some Merry Adventures of Robin Hood” (or the easily used with his adult version “The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood”).*


Novel Reflection + Student Pages PDFs are also included for narration, colouring, and copywork in both cursive and manuscript options!


*Novel not included. Please purchase separately.

Amazon aff. Links:

Some Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle (for children)

Or, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle (adults/older students)

Some Merry Adventures of Robin Hood Novel Reflection

  • 3 PDF files:

    -Main Novel Reflection Guide (94 Pages)

    -Student Pages - Cursive (29 Pages)

    -Student Pages Manuscript (29 Pages)

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