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A Family Lesson from 110 Years Ago

Learn about Titanic together as a family.

I've made a unit for my home at my kid's request! ...and they loved it...and I was able to make some tweaks to make it even better after doing it with my own kids. With the event's 110th anniversary coming up soon, I highly recommend diving into this topic in some way in April!

Take a look and see if what I made might be a good fit for your table:

Use code: APRIL2 to get it for just $2!

April 14th, 1912...the Queen of the Ocean struck an iceberg...and made history!

Don't forget the code APRIL2 for 75% off!

This family lesson is suitable for all ages! It takes you through the story of the Titanic, touching on the tragedy but also appreciating the iconic side of this event in history. Have thoughtful discussions about the ethics of media, learn facts, be inspired by people’s stories & have fun with the activity pages! Use this as a one-day homeschooling lesson or springboard from this PDF for the week, following the rabbit trails that curious minds are bound to want to travel on!

Happy April Planning!


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