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A NEW Screen Time Alternative!

If you’ve been following on Instagram or YouTube this year, you’ll have heard me mention our screen detox we did last summer and our new parameters around screen time ever since.

(If you haven’t caught it, here‘s my rundown on YouTube: )

We’re not 100% screen free, so if it’s screen time I love to prioritize community screens when we have them or screens that build thinking skills or enhance creativity.

This month our family received a Super Slide puzzle by Giiker! It's a puzzle game with manipulative pieces that promotes logic, problem solving and fine motor skills and my kids LOVE it!!'s proved a great screen alternative!

It was all the buzz this Easter weekend with the aunts and uncles during our family gatherings too!

I have an affiliate link here and you can get 15% off with my code DW15 if you know you need this too!

This handheld game has magnetic sliding tiles, easy set up/learning, and optional sound. We travel for medical a LOT so it's going to be a great screen alternative on long car trips and in waiting rooms.

It has over 500 levels from easy peasy to difficult, PLUS it has a challenge mode with a countdown timer if you have a problem solving master in your family! I was shocked that my 4 year old has caught onto how to play without help...and was also surprised when I gave it a whirl and found the first 100 levels a challenge to figure out! In our house, it's a puzzle fun from toddler to grandpa!

Think you'll love it too?

Get 15% off with code DW15 my affiliate link!

I really want to relay that I don't promote specific products easily. I've turned down many companies offering free stuff in exchange for a good review....but Giiker's products had my kids attention right away when I showed them the website AND they even encouraged me to write an honest review perspective! That says a lot about a company in my opinion.

Find them at

@giiker_official (TikTok) 

@giikerglobal (Instagram)    

The only thing I think I will point out is that the game levels sometimes require switching pieces so you need somewhere to store or take along a few extra magnet tiles. There is a Giiker compatible Super Slide travel case that's now on my wishlist so we can make sure all pieces stay with the game.

Altogether we think this is a great brain game to have around. My kids love the challenge and have been able to have success at their different cognitive levels. It's fun to share and pass around and has quickly become a favourite! It's just even won awards!

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