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Face Palm

Get your phone out. Check your recently used emojis. Do you see a face palm? I know I do. As much as we do have moments when we don’t know what on earth we were thinking or our brain had a “still” moment, we ought not to forget that we have abilities and value!

I don’t know about all cultures, but I have some English in my background somewhere that has influenced my social interaction. Those old manners have ingrained in me that even when I’ve done just fine...even when things aren’t really that always err on the side of self-discrimination. You know those people who want something when you offer it, but refuse to be “polite”? And if they are REALLY well-mannered they may refuse a second time with accepting on round three, as they ought? That's me. Of course this only works well if the person opposite me understands and makes sure to “insist” with proper manners as well. (Crazy, right? It’s a thing though...)

I also grew up with a Mom who would call herself stupid. She was incredibly smart, quick-witted, creative, and opposite of the “s” word, but yet if a regretful situation occurred she would say, “I’m so stupid.” Throughout her life she has struggled somewhat with self-worth and as her daughter, I saw that. I wish that she could see herself though my eyes. She would not see perfection, but she would see so much value.

I want to tell you that you’re not an idiot. Even though it’s fun to joke about it, you are brighter than the little emoji hitting her own face. We can giggle at our “woops”’s and still chuckle along with friends on social media using the face palm icon, but know that you are VALUABLE. Know that you have worth. See the times when you made great decisions or accomplished a task.

Today, make sure these are recently used as well:


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