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The Ultimate Task Planner

Updated: May 1, 2019

Yes, It's FREE!

A year ago I was at a loss I couldn't find the right planner for me. Even though I was willing to spend a pretty penny on any coil bound or printable that would help me organize my life and be functional, I could find no such thing.

I needed these features:

✔ Schedule (long AND short-term)

✔ Organize

✔ Visualize (WITHOUT flipping!)

How does one see what they need to do today, this week, this month, this one glance? By using this custom planner that I am offering to you!

This planner has helped me manage EVERYTHING about being a homeschooling Mom and farmer's wife! It is flexible enough to work for ANYONE and especially useful for people who JUGGLE their time and tasks! (Sound familiar?)

-Subscribe to Download it now (It will come in your welcome email)

-*Print Double-Sided on Long Edge*

and then plan with me on my YouTube Channel!

If you've used the older version, you know that it lays out a planner with tasks to check off, organized by Day, Week & Month. The NEW version also gives you the opportunity to get a grasp on your annual goals and tasks.

That's not all, behind the check boxes that give you a productive day, you'll find your Calendar, Meal Planner, Looping (NEW), Future Log (NEW) & Quarterly Review (NEW). I've also added a color-coding Goal Sheet that allows you to see your productivity and increase motivation. Click Here to subscribe and get yours for FREE!

The Titles and Headlines for your Planner are ready for you to fill in!

*If you are more artsy want a version that has no lined Headers and Titles, email me for a copy without the lines*

Come plan with me!

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