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Fruit of the Spirit - a Preschool Approach

In our kindergarten year, I found myself looking for resources on studies that will help build good character in my children. As I searched around, I was drawn to teaching them about the fruit of the Spirit (from Galations), but I could not find resources that would reach my children at their age level...and so I created my own custom resource.

Fruit of the Spirit for Little Souls is a study designed to be understood by ages 3+. This little book goes through each of the fruits listed in scripture and relays the meaning of them in a practical and understandable way - allowing them to know just what amazing things God gives his children!

Checkout my video introducing this resource!

In this study they will learn:

✅ What 9 fruits the Bible tells us about in Galatians 5:22-23

✅ What they mean (taken from the perspective of the original Greek language)

✅ How they relate to us

I am making this a FREE resource for anyone wanting it. Subscribe to my site to receive a free PDF!

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