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Homeschool Success

Truths: Homeschooling CAN be successful. You are not hindering your child simply by choosing to homeschool.

Yes, "success" could be defined in a plethora of ways, but when we're talking to the average person in our society about education, success is getting a degree or a job with good income. In this generation most might even define success as "getting/doing what you want".

As a second generation homeschooler, I've been a little surprised to see so many pillars of the current online homeschool community encouraging us by saying that dreams of college and university aren't priorities. For the girl dreaming of being a Mom, for the young man who is the entrepreneur, cool. Hey, I didn't go get a degree either and I'm in no way a failure! BUT...homeschooled kids across the nation are dreaming of being vets, astronauts, and engineers! I'm here saying YES THEY CAN. I also need to chime in that I don't believe you HAVE to have a traditional or classical approach to get there. I know friends who's traditional homeschooling has gotten them their good career...but I also know unschoolers who went to Harvard. Clearly, tailor-making our Kid's education is one of our advantages.

Think this is just 1 Mom's opinion? This Spring I posted on a homeschooling group that Rebecca Spooner from @homeschoolon has created on Facebook. I asked for after-high school success stories from Homeschoolers and I'm going to share the thread with you below : *names and photos have been jumbled for privacy*

So be encouraged! Success is what we make it and we really Can make homeschooling successful!

Check out my video chat to encourage you about success and tell you more of my story:

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