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Mom Growth

Our kids are always growing. "They grow up so fast" people are always saying. "They won't stay small forever" Sometimes being Mom means that we find ourselves all-consumed in our kids's progress. How are they doing in school? How can I teach them better? How big are they on the growth chart? How can I feed them healthier? Looking in the mirror at our own selves can take a major back seat. But how can we raise the kids the way we want when we're not examining ourselves? How do we teach our kids to do their best if our own habits aren't formed? How do we raise confident kids when we constantly nit-pick and shame our bodies and/or brains? How are we shaping someone's future Mother/Father/Spouse with what we provide for our kids to emulate? If we want to be better, we need to grow. If we want to get somewhere, we have to start. If we want our children to have the qualities we value, we have to show them how WE try to achieve them. Whether you're working on morality, body fitness, mental health, deeper relationships, honesty...(the list is endless), you don't transform overnight! Blood, sweat & tears are usually required. The beautiful thing about being a parent is that we have the most motivating thing in the world that goes beyond just ourselves: our kids. Let's grow and stretch and learn and change for the sake of them and to be one of those people in their lives that inspire them to love deeply, strive for greatness & reach their goals...even surpass them.

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