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Mommy 139 - a Psalm Application

In 2013 I became a Mom. That year I read Psalm 139 and applied it to me in my role of motherhood. I love looking back at lovely things written what seems like so long ago! These words are what followed:

Mommy 139:

Lord, You have looked at my life and my heart,     and you know me. You know when I sit down to my cup of coffee and when I wake up in the morning...and for every night feeding;     Everything I'm thinking, you notice. You know every trip to the grocery store and every play date and You know the odd day I get a nap in;     You're familiar with all I do, You don't miss a thing. Before I chat with another mom or reprove my children or tell them I love them,     You, Lord, already know what I'm going to say. You're my security when I'm not sure what others say about me when I leave the room and when I'm anxious about the future,     and You always make sure I know Your right there with me. Knowing this is just way too awesome,     I can't even fully comprehend it!

Where can we go from Your Spirit?     Where can we run from where You are? If I go out of the house or if my kids are at camp, You are there with us;

If they swim in the pool or to the bottom of the ocean, You are there. If we fly on a jet, if we sail to the other side of the world,     Even there You will help is know what to do,     You will take care of us.

If I get depressed with life, You know better, and in all my sad thoughts, you see the big picture of hope and goodness that's really unfolding.

You created every detail of my babies and before I was even a mother, you made ME inside of MY mother. I want to give You respect, honour, and praise because you made my children just right the way they are - no matter how the world measures them.     The things you do are wonderful,     I know that for sure and I want to show that to my children as I raise them.

You've seen us from before we were made;    You've planned all the days of each person in my family and how many we get to have with each other.

I care so much about how often You think of me and my household!     You are thinking of us constantly!     When the noise starts at 7a.m., I know You've been thinking of us all night.

God, keep away anyone who is harmful and violent from my family!    Chase away the people who are a bad influence. I don't want to accept hatred toward You in the people whom I meet or who visit here. Look at me and tell me if my heart's attitude is wrong. Prompt my children to ask you to change their attitudes when they need to as well. Show me over and over again where I need to change and keep my family's faith and love steady so that we can spend eternity with You.

*This in no way is meant to be a translation or paraphrase of scripture, rather, is a reflection of thoughts inspired by Psalm 139.

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