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Repurposing Your Old Christmas Tree

Most older trees that have lost their luster, dropped too many needles or have just simply been outdone by the shiny new plastic timber we just brought home from the store, end up thrown out. Before you toss your tree, take a look at these upcycle ideas that will turn your trash into holiday treasure!

In my home, we usually buy a tree permit to go Christmas tree hunting for a 9' Swamp Spruce on the crown land a few miles away from our farm. I love the real deal but we have had an artificial tree, inherited from my husband's grandmother, taking up storage space for a lot of years now. Only 1/3 of the lights worked & it wasn't a tree I was attracted to, but it seemed a shame not to try and salvage something beautiful from its needled branches!

Here's 3 ideas I had to repurpose this ol' tree and still enjoy it throughout the holidays:

1. Wreath Sprigs

I took apart some og the branches and used them to beef up an already-made wreath I keep out all year round.

2. Mini Tree

This tree came apart in 3 segments. The top segment was the perfect piece to place inside a cute basket for a rustic feel.

3. Wreath

This idea turned out to be easier than I thought. I didn't use a wreath wire or anything; I simply bound branches together using their own bendy branches until it made a complete circle! Vuala! A 24" wreath for a heck of a lot cheaper than I could find in store!

Not only can you save a few bucks, recycling/repurposing your old tree can reduce waste in your home this Christmas.

Let me know how you're repurposing this Christmas!

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