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St. Patrick's Day

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Happy almost St. Patrick's Day!

It may not be on a school day this year, but I'm so excited to go green on the 17th and teach my kiddos about St. Patrick!

We're not all about lepricons and rainbows over here, but we try to dig into history and find out what St Patrick's Day was and is all about and have fun doing it!

I have created a FREE printable story PDF to share with you!

St. Patrick was an AMAZING guy. He stands out among the other church leaders in his day, not just for the legands of miracles, but for his selflessness. He put people and showing God's love before his church priorities. He knew what really counts in life and how to care for people. There's a lot about what we know of his life that I want to emulate.

Come see part of how I'm teaching my littles about St. Patrick in this FREE printable PDF.

You can also find this story on YouTube

You can also recieved some of my other printables FREE when you subscribe!

Coming Up:

Skip to the library with us and enrich your reading this week with what YOU can find on St. Pat & then head over to my channel to see what our St. Patrick's Day haul was like at the library!!

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