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We are Parents First

One Mom said, "My children are disciplined and obedient and write their tests each week." Another Mom said, "My kids learn beautifully when we follow where their curiosity takes them." A totally different Mom said, "My children have all of their lessons in their tablet app." Then another Mom said, "My children have been painting nature outdoors all morning." Then all of the Mom's linked arms and saw the good and valuable qualities in each other and skipped along merrily knowing that their priorities were all the same: their children. After a while, a Dad came up to them and said, "I homeschool my children too." And the group of moms stopped and stared and didn't know what to say. 😂

(I'm just kidding! These poor Papas in a world of Moms. We welcome you!)

Do you remember that Similac commercial from 2016? You know, “The Mother ‘Hood” one where it shows the viewer all of the different controversial steriotypes like moms who carry vs use a stroller, moms who breastfeed vs bottle-feed, moms who work vs stay home, cloth diaper vs disposable..oh ya and Dads are in there too. The ad climaxes at a moment when all of the moms are ready to “bring it” and “do this” and you, as a viewer, brace yourself for a fight...JUST as you notice a stroller gain momentum down a hill after it’s released from a mother’s hold. The short film goes on to display all parents immediately shift their focus from their quarrel to the most important thing: the child in danger. It ends with the child safely caught and rescued. Relief, laughter and conversation breaks out between all those in previously opposing groups. There is commonality between them all. The ending caption reads, “No matter what our beliefs, we are parents first.”

Time after time I have thought about the different philosophies of homeschooling as a do my own research for my eclectic homeschool. I think about the times when I've excitedly talked about curriculum on its way in the post, then I find out the other mom goes curriculum-less…or the times when I've said how greatful I am to take homeschooling outside and how my kids aren't stuffed into a classroom all day, only to find out THAT mom works part time and enrolls her kids in cyber school. (I want to be true to me, but I’m not the type to try to spur people on by bringing them down. I'm not going to tell or hint to you you’re homeschooling wrong…at least not on purpose.) Many times my mind has drifted to that commercial and envisioned the camps on our homeschooling world. Traditional vs Alternative. Natural vs. Digital. Religious vs. Secular.

I would love to share this picture: a picture where, when we get down to the BARE root of our homeschool strategies, we see that it is the same. We are all parents first. We all love our children. We all want what is best for them. I love the idea of a laughing, chatting, interactive group of parents coming together from completely different homeschooling styles. We may not be similar enough to sit down and “do school” together, but we can find commonality and be supportive and uplifting toward each other. Even become friends. I LOVE THIS!

Here is a smile and a great big virtual hug from me! A simple message of kindness I want to much to share. Find my arm linked in yours as we skip along!

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