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DIY Quarantine Co-op

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

During this crazy time for the world, not much has changed for us. We’ve always had high social precautions because of medical issues and have homeschooled from the start. One thing that is part of homeschool life I wish we could be a part of is a homeschooling co-op – and today, we’re making that happen!

My sister and I were both homeschooled and I’ve dreamed of the day when we can collaborate together in the mom/teacher roll. I chose to homeschool my kids and my sister’s family decided that public school was best...but now with most of the world being put on “Quarantine School”, we find ourselves chatting about all things teaching at home! What better way to bring our two far-away families together during this uncertain time than to make it special by forming a temporary co-op!

Starting next week, my wonderful sister and her kids are going to join with myself and mine for an Brave Writer LA adventure through the story of James and the Giant Peach! You can do this too!

Follow along with me this month on Instagram and watch for the "Brave Writer" highlight.


What you need:

(Overwhelmed trying to understand Brave Writer? See my blog post explaining everything here)

2. James and the Giant Peach (Book or Audio Book), by Roald Dahl

Libraries may be closed, but here are a few options:

~ The narration on the’s audio version read by Julian Rhind-Tutt is well-reviewed

~ or you can find an audio version on YouTube here.

~ or you can download the whole book as a PDF for FREE!

3. [optional] Get the movie for a night of LA & Popcorn! How do you do THAT?

Then find friends and/or family who want to join you on this adventure! Meet on video chats to show off writing and talk about projects you’re working on. Join each other for a virtual Poetry Teatime! Have fun and enjoy these days making the most of the home time. Homeschooling inside four walls doesn’t have to be survival, it can be a joy!

Happy Homeschooling, friends!

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