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Family Gospel Resources!

I’m excited to launch my FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT FOR LITTLE SOULS & Family Word Study PDF (long name, I know! Lol)! It‘s not in my shop just yet, but it is available right now in the Gospel Collection from Homeschool Resource Co!

It's $530 worth of Christ-centred resources for $29.99! And it's only being sold until April 7th!

...AND code dwelling10 will get you another 10% off!

Why Homeschool Resource Co?

This company is new for me. I've been a part of a few homeschool resource bundles now and I LOVE it!! I love creating and sharing and using everything! But...what really set Homeschool Resource Co apart for me was when I learned that they do a Gospel Collection once a year. I love Jesus, and that comes with a desire to not only make content from a Christian world view, but I also jumped at the opportunity to be a part of a collection specifically geared to Biblical resources!

I'll still be doing the other fun bundles full of beautiful everyday learning! But even though it's been a busy season, I felt that it was also important for me to put some creative energy into a collection specifically focussed on family gospel!

Let me talk you through a little more of my PDF in this Gospel Collection:

This family study simply looks at Galatians 5:22-23 in a 10 lesson set up!

The 1-page readings are short and easy for little ones and explore and deep enough for everyone to examine the spiritual meanings behind the ordinary words of love, joy, peace etc. Older students can bounce from the reading lesson into the word study pages to dissect and discuss the Greek roots. Every lesson also has an easy maze activity page with a cursive word to trace and a piece of Galatians 5:22-23 to put to memory!

Thanks for taking the time to read this far!

I hope that my resource and the other resources in the collection will be a blessing to many families as we raise our kids in the Word of God.

If you'd like to purchase just this Fruit of Spirit resource, it will be in my shop soon on its own for $8.

Have a wonderful week! I'm excited to come back at chat about my next release later this month and tell you all about what's coming next!

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