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Wild Explorers Bundle is LIVE!

Welcome Explorers! Dust off your passport, and let's go on our third adventure worldwide!

So I was asked to contribute my Backyard Butterflies lesson pack to this lovely bundle! Wild Explorer bundles are beautiful and high quality resources all organized by the lovely Vanessa from @WildFeatherEdu!

This release is their 3rd colume and is jam-packed with adventures with an around-the-world sort of focus. I can't wait to start printing!

Where will we go? Take a trip into deep dark caves and murky waters. What lies

beneath? Travel across the ocean with the humpback whale or fly high in the sky with magnificent butterflies. Visit far-off places and learn about their unique culture and customs. Explore wonders of the world and incredible feats of construction. Learn through art and music.

These volumes are made to encourage kids to explore the planet we live on and spark a desire to learn and be creative.

You get over 500 pages with a value of $110. You will receive it at a hugely discounted price of $14USD...and this is just a one-time offer, once it's over, its gone!

Dive into art, music, geography, history, nature, games and more as you learn together. You'll get a travel journal as well that comes with a jam-packed passport full of additional activities for your child to record their travels!

Head to my Wild Explorers link (psssst....there's a freebie download there too! no purchase necessary!)

What else is included in this e-Book?

*Colourful, detailed continent maps and blank continent maps

*Map of the world

*World Climates map

*Tectonic Plates map

*Oceans map

Learn about....


*Butterflies - Around the world

*Butterflies - In your backyard

*Humpback Whale Migration

*Loch Ness


*Mammoth Cave

*Ancient City of Petra

*Seven Wonders of the World






*Melodies and Mbiras


*Piet Mondrain


*The Antarctic Treaty


*Parade to Windy Hill

Here are the amazing thirteen creators for this issue:

Jamie @aroundtheworld_homeschool

Danielle @brilliantbungalow

Bonnie @dwellinglogs

Gabi @Gabitat Emporium

Jen @Growing Gardenside

Julie @Heritage Letter

Rebecca @roomtowonder

Amber @sosimpleabeginning

Betsy @thistlesandbiscuits

Marna @twelvelittletales

Vanessa @wildfeatheredu

Sarah @wildflowersbysarah

Monique @wonderhousecreative

The travel journal is aimed at 5 to 11 years.

These volumes are released every three months, and your child will be able to collect resources each time to add to their learning journey! (but don't worry - each activity is independent too so you can do it one bite-sized piece at a time.)

Get it:

Happy Exploring friends!


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