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FREE Printable for 2022 Olympic Games!

There's still about 2 weeks left in the 2022 Olympic Winter Games & we are tuned!

I was on the hunt for something that could engage my kiddos with the games...something that could give them a scope of what games are included...and show them the diversity of events within each sport!

I spent today making up the quick printable that was in my brain that I could not find anywhere else!

This PDF has a page for each sport in this year's winter games.

Every page will have checkboxes for the events within that sport (as listed on the official website).

Each page gives kids the opportunity to make it their own by colouring (or writing) the team they're cheering for, favourite athletes they're discovering & journal any memorable moments!

Keeping track of medalists for each sport too.

Now you could

  • print one for each child and see if they can catch 1 event from each sport

  • print multiple copies of a family's favourite sport to track every event

  • or go big & compete to see how many events they can check off throughout the whole event!

We hope you enjoy this printable!

Happy 2022 Winter Games!

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