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My name is Bonnie. I'm a mother & homeschool teacher of 3, wife, homemaker, and Jesus lover!

Dwelling Logs

I have found myself wanting, in my various roles, to share what I'm doing! Sometimes things are a struggle and all i can take away from a day is a lesson, and other days everything works out...and all I want to do is share it! I want to share thoughts on parenting, tangible things that work for our homeschool & stories from our Home.

Diving into a new year, this 2019, I'm trying something fresh. I can't say new, because I've blogged before, but fresh with a new site and new goals to make posting a regular thing, along with social media sharing through various platforms! I hope my ideas and experiences have a further reach and a positive impact on other moms like me. ♡

Up until now...

For older posts, see my previous platform on Blogger:

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