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Kid's Christian THROWBACK Favs

Throwback...(for some of us WAAYYY back!) to some top favourite kid’s Christian music and movies:

Before Rend Co Kids...before Hillson kids...even before Silly songs with Larry...there was a time in history where church kids everywhere were praising Jesus and grooving along with songs and movies that those grown-up-kids-now still remember. Time to pass the torch to the next gen!

This week I posted on a Facebook group I’m in to start a thread of oldies but goodies from our childhood days. The post asked for Christian music and CD’s (or cassettes) or movies and DVD’s (or VHS’s) that we loved growing up. I decided to write them out in a post with clickable links so you can save this and jump to your favs whenever you want!

*Links below are NOT affiliate links and I do not benefit from clicks or purchases

At the top of the list:

1. Adventures in Odyssey

It doesn’t feel like all that much of a throwback when they’re still so popular, but this series of Audio and Video stories have impacted families all over the world since 1987.

· Right now you can get FREE episodes while everyone is staying at home!

· Get a 28 day FREE trial AIO Club membership!

· If you’re reading this when the world is back to normal again, shop here.

2. Hide Em In Your Heart by Steve Green

Both volumes 1 & 2 are filled with Bible verses us kids used to sing along to and the verses have carried with us into adulthood! They were available in both audio only and video and were a favourite for so many.

· Available to listen for FREE on Youtube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer

· Buy it from Amazon.

3. Accapella Children by the Accapella Company

My personal favourite and a popular choice! Groove and sing to audio with the meaningful lyrics and precious voices of these Accapella youth.

· Available to listen for FREE on Google Play Music

· YouTube Playlists are also online like this one

· Buy it from directly from their site

4. The Donut Man by Rob Evans

Sing and watch with Duncan the Donut and singer/songwriter Rob Evans as he shares songs about Jesus in his well known (or used to be well known) children’s movies.

· Available to listen for FREE on Youtube, Spotify, Google Play Music, Deezer

· Buy it from Amazon

5. Jungle Jam the Radio Show by Fancy Monkey Studios

Most requested tapes on our car trips growing up were the Jungle Jam cassettes. Teaching good morals in a fun way with a whole bunch of hilarious animal friends was the perfect blend of Jesus and humour to make it a favourite I still want in my home.

· I found just the songs on Spotify

· Or buy the digital episodes from the company (What I did)

More Mentions:

· Video

· Video

· I did find episodes on YouTube, but I’m not sure if they’re I chose not to link them.

· Audio/Video

· Video

· Audio/Video

11. Music Machine (1977!)

· Audio

12. Bill Gather Trio

· Audio

13. Gerbert (1988)

· Video

· Audio Bible Stories

· Audio

· Audio/video

17. Kids Sing Praise

Did you remember any of these? Do you have favourites that aren’t on the list? Or other links to access these amazing treasures? Please leave a comment with clickable link below!

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