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Long Fortold Easter Printable

This week we're I'm trying to amp up the depth of our Bible times even with my young kids. I've been diving through free printables and colouring pages and kept busy pinning ideas and continuing a never ending search for something with...more. After asking myself (and God!) what I was wanting for this week leading up to Resurrection Sunday, I had a n idea of a short colouring book that could fuse the gospel with the prophecies of old that foretold the coming of the messiah! So here it is: Colour along with us as we go through the old old story yet again while looking back at the prophecies fulfilled! - Direct download (no subscription required!) - Print double-sided! - Each colouring page has a corresponding Bible verse from the old testament beside it along with the fulfillment in a gospel reference for you to look up!

May you have a wonderful holiday season remembering and celebrating Christ in your home! For more about how our home teaches during holidays, check out last year's post here. - Bonnie

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