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Phone Down

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Calling all Mothers! Calling all Fathers! Calling all teachers and students, all employers and workers! If you’re somebody’s spouse, if you’re somebody’s friend; this message is for you!

Put. Your. Phone. Down.

There are little eyes watching and becoming just like us. There is a need for us to put the energy into understanding and comprehending the people around us. We all have a desperate need to be truly heard. We need love and affection from-and- for one another, not our latest post’s reaction.

Let’s be listeners. Let’s hear someone’s dream or their sorrow...and look in their eyes while they tell us.

Let’s be present and get our faces raised above our screens when we’re around strangers so that we can reach out when someone trips or pass along that smile they needed today.

Let’s cure loneliness, hostility and depression with the exact thing each one of us are capable of doing.

Let’s do it together.

Put the phone down.

Your little kids wish you looked at their block tower and your big kids don’t give real hugs to their friends, only emojis. The generation just reaching adulthood doesn’t remember a time when you did something exciting just for fun, and not for Instagram.

The social world has changed, but each one of us has the capability to change the world. Nay, the responsibility. put your phone down.

* Mic Phone drop*

If you’re reading this, please look up and see if there’s anyone around you that you could be present with in real life.

Hear more on my podcast page or on YouTube here:

If you’re snowed in, unable to go anywhere or be with anyone, watch Simon Sinek talk about the problem here. (my very favourite video of this decade!!!)

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