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Teaching Facts & Fables

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

How we do Easter (as a Christian family):

It's now the Easter holiday season! The weather is warmer, the churches have an Extra service or two this week, the stores have extra chocolate near the cash registers...and I have to admit, not all of my chocolate has made it to Easter weekend!

I know a lot of Christian mamas who tell their kids the Easter bunny is almost here and even Non-Christian moms who talk about a guy named Jesus who died and came to life again. As a Mom and Christian myself, it's important to me to think through the teachings and games we have in our home and evaluate them, just like Mamas do with all aspects of life! It's part of our job!

I don't have an opinion that I can say what's right and wrong in a black-and-white sort of way here, but I really like how we have done holidays with our kiddos.


Parent life experience has taught us how valuable truth can be.

Not only can you get to the bottom of a sibling argument faster without fables, but you can also build trust and calm fears. Our medical life is proof that honesty is the way to go with our kids. Lie to your kid once about something that's not going to hurt (but does hurt) or something being "one more" or "almost done" (that's really not) can ruin your kiddo and send them in freak out mode the NEXT time those "comforting words" arise. Why? Because you lied. It was for their benefit at the time... or so you thought, but now your child will not take your word as truth any longer in that same situation. Why would they?

We have decided to tell our kids the truth about everything...even holidays. We have told them from the beginning that the Easter Bunny and his friends Santa, Tooth Fairy, and Mr. Lepricon are not real.

Now, you might think... Oh you're one of THOSE families... the religious conservatives that remove all the fun while the rest of the world celebrates in sin. Lol. NO! That's actually not us either! (...though that is still a "truthful" option I suppose.)

We have cheerfully eaten big chocolate rabbits, memorized the names of St. Nick's reindeer, and tried to remember to exchange teeth for toonies under our child's pillow from time to time. How does honesty cross over into this world? By saying what it is. It's a game. It's make-believe. It's a fun tradition.

Come colour eggs with us here :

I recently forgot a tooth-exchange and awoke to my oldest son whispering in my ear, "Mom! You forgot! The tooth fairy needs to give me money... I'll go back to sleep now so you can still do it". A few moments later I was pouring my coffee in the kitchen when he bounded out of the bedroom with his toothless smile and a shiny coin to display! When friends asked him later if the Tooth Fairy came, he excitedly said she did (assuming the inquirer knew the "game" too).

We don't pretend that Spruce trees and eggs are some special Christian symbol. At Christmas time (and on December 6th) we take the time to learn about St. Nicholas (the real one... who died December 6th, 343 AD). On St Patrick's Day, we learn about him too. We take these opportunities to practice separating truth from fiction. What is pretend? What is real?

If they grow up led to believe holiday tales are real and one day see that they are pretend, what will they think of the stories of the Bible? I need my kids to know that the Bible is true true true...not at all like legends, fables, and fairy tales. When I tell my kids that THAT is a true story, I want them to believe me.

It's "Easter" time. The goddess, Easter, has been a falsehood since her pagan creation, but Jesus died on the cross... like for real. Praise the Lord! And that's not all! He also came to life again 3 days later! Thank You, God!

Well, we'll be reviewing this wonderful true story of God's great rescue plan with the kiddos again this weekend...along with our Easter egg hunt and family dinner!

Be honest. Build trust. Teach truth.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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